Parts Cleaning Systems

ADF Parts Washers are available in a wide range of spray and immersion washer configurations to meet the most demanding parts cleaning requirements. Models include top loading systems, front loading units, spray booths, agitation washers, and custom designed systems. Spray pressures available range from 40 psi low pressures up to the unique 800 psi high pressure systems for the most critical demanding applications.

Model 17 Systems

The Model 17 Conveyor Parts Washing System with its Modular-Cellular design offers a belt fed design that can be configured to meet your specific manufacturing requirements. Because of the modular design, these units can be mounted end to end to allow for a wash, rinse and dry station if required by the specific application.

A wide variety of belt fed conveyor cleaning systems for single or multi-stage configuration are available in a wide variety of belt widths. These versatile systems can be configured in wash only, wash blow off or wash rinse and blow off. Many standard options are available and the systems are configured for specific applications.

Model 160

The Model 160 is a small cellular washer designed as a low pressure high volume washer. This unit takes up minimal floor space and has an 18” diameter turntable with a 14” load height. It is ideal for in-process parts washing applications in a work cell environment.

Model 300

The Model is a low pressure/high volume designed washer and features easy of loading, easy operation and quality cleaning results. These units can be configured for wash only, wash, rinse or wash, rinse with a heated blow-off. They are available in a several different sizes with many standard options.

Model 550

The Model 550 Glove Box Washer is a unique and very versatile parts washer which is ideal for intricate high value parts which require careful handling. It is a high pressure system with the ability to put the nozzle directly at the part and deliver the cleaning solution at 500psi. resulting in very high cleanliness levels.

Model 710

The Model 710 Tumbler was designed to clean parts that need to be moved or turned during the cleaning process to achieve proper cleaning. This unit is ideal for small screw machine parts that have blind holes or parts that tend to nest together and will benefit by the tumbling action during the cleaning cycle. This system can be furnished in several different configurations including with a wash, rinse, and dry cycles.

Model 750

The Model 750 Rotary Basket Washer is designed to clean parts that are best suited to being tumbled, rotated immersed and sprayed for the cleaning process. It is excellent for cleaning parts with blind hole and parts that tend to nest. The hydraulic action of the cleaning fluid entering and evacuating cavities as well as the spray cycle results in excellent cleaning. The 750 is a two station washer with each station holding one 15.7” x 9.6” x 4.5” standard Kadon basket.

Model 800

The Model 800 Top Load washer is one of the most popular models in the product line. Because of its size and versatility, it is well suited for a variety of cleaning applications. Standard turntable sizes include the 23”, 32”, and 42” diameter models. The Model 800 is a high pressure washer that can be configured for wash, wash rinse or wash, rinse, dry applications. There are numerous standard options available include recirculated rinse, filtration, auto cover, end of cycle light and more.

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