Mist Collectors

High Efficiency Mist & Smoke Collectors for a variety of applications including Machining Centers, Lathes, Mills, O.D. Grinders, Gear Hobbers, Surface Grinders & more.

Air Filtration Systems

Specializing in industrial air filtration systems, coolant mist & smoke collectors, air filters, filter housings, parts and accessories.

Parts Cleaning Systems

Parts Washers & Cleaning Systems including batch,continuous, immersion, spray, rotary drum, agitation, ultrasonic and more…

Replacement Air Filters & Housings

Air Filtration For: Industrial Applications, Commercial, HEPA & Cleanroom,Medical, Manufacturing, Paint Booths and more…

Ambient Air Filtration

With low equipment, operational and maintenance costs, Air King industrial air cleaners are an economical way to improve your overall air quality.

Mist Collectors

TriMist Mist & Smoke Collectors for smoke, oil and coolant mist control are available in several different sizes. 

Parts Cleaning Systems

Parts Washers are available in a wide range of spray and immersion washer configurations to meet the most demanding parts cleaning requirements.

Tri-Mist Replacement Parts

Tri-Mist Parts

Tri-Mist mist collector parts and accessories including ionizing wires, power supplies, impeller kits, and replacement esp cells, HEPA filters and more.

Tech Briefs

Selecting CNC Mist Collector

Selecting CNC Mist Collector The Tri-Mist 850 and Tri-Mist 1400 Mist collectors used in industrial metal machining and manufacturing are critical pieces of equipment in the metalworking industry. They clear the air you and your employees breathe and can...

Air Filtration In The Welding Shop

The cleanliness and quality of the air we breathe in the workplace is of paramount importance and can have a direct impact on health and longevity. We breathe that air for at least 8 hours a day and often longer. So for that period of time contamination in...

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