Air Filters

Ketcham & Company, Inc. is a supplier of state of the art air filtration technology for industrial, commercial, clean room and medical applications. We supply a complete line of Tri-Dim Air Filters for building air handlers, machine tools, HEPA air filters for clean rooms as well as medical applications and others. Air filters are available for MERV 5 through MERV 16 and HEPA applications.

Cube Filters

Tri-Cube filters are ideal for installation in the exhaust for the air in paint spray booth applications. They offer high capture efficiency and extender service life. The Tri-Cube filter is a great alternative to the traditional panel type filters used in many spray booth applications and because of its design offers increased capture surface area.

Tri-Pleat Filters

Tri-Pleat filters are designed for a variety of commercial and industrial applications and are often used as a prefilters to extend the life of higher efficiency more costly final filters. They are interchangeable with disposable filter panels and are available in different efficiency levels.

Tri-Sac Bag Filters

The Tri-Sac Bag Filter is an extended surface multi pocket high capacity air filter. It is designed for use in applications requiring high degree of cleanliness. The filter is comprised of a series of pockets supported by a rigid frame and is self supporting. Tri-Sac filters are used in many different applications in industrial , hospital, commercial, laboratory, commercial and other facilities. They are available in various different pocket configurations and color coded efficiency levels.

Micro-Cell 95 Filter

Micro-Cell 95% DOP filters provide the highest levels of efficiency available without resorting to the use of HEPA filters. These high efficiency filters will provide a 95% initial efficiency on 0.3 micron particles. The Micro-Cell 95 is very useful in a variety of industries including manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical , laboratories and in the precision machining industry where desired cleanliness levels than that provided by ASHRAE rated filters are desired. The Micro-Cell 95 is available in 16 standard sizes. The filter me-dia is a water-proof, high strength, micro fiber formed into a series of pleats.

Ultra XV V-Cell Filter

The Ultra XV V-Cell Filter is a new Ultra media based pleated filter offering unmatched performance with MERV 16, MERV 15, and MERV 13 efficiency with ultra low resistance. The ULTRA MERV 16 media provides near HEPA performance. With a fraction of the pressure drop the result can mean a significant energy savings to the user. The Ultra XV is an excellent choice in medical, commercial and industrial applications.

Tri-Pure HEPA MAX Filter

HEP MAX filters are used in a variety of applications in many sectors including hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronics, laboratories, and in precision machining . HEPA MAX filters are available in a variety of styles and sizes to fit a diverse array of applications. HEPA MAX filters have a minimum efficiency at their rated airflow of 99.97% on 0.3 micron particles.

Tri-Dek Ring Panels & Links

Tri-Dek Ring Panels, Sleeves and Links offer an economical pre-filtration option in many different applications. The Tri-Dek medias capture and retain particles within their full depth either 2, 3, or 4 distinct integrated plys offering unique loading capability resulting in an value laden filtration option. The integrated plys of the media get progressively finer and the larger particles are trapped on the entering side with the progressively smaller particles being trapped throughout the filter.. This results in a relatively high efficiency for a panel filter and a long service life. The final layer incorporates a tackifier in the dense weave preventing the unloading for particles from the final stage
The panels, sleeves and rings are available in a variety of sizes.

Bulk Media & Pads

Tri-Dek MERV 8 MERV8 media pads and rolls are available in a variety of sizes. This media is an excellent choice for any HVAC system as well as a variety of other applications. It is also available as a replaceable sleeve and a rigid frame. The frame is reusable leaving only the media to be replaced. This filter material is available as a dry or tackified material. Antimicrobial treatment is also available as an option.

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