Tri-Mist Mist Collectors

Tri-Mist Mist & Smoke Collectors for smoke, oil and coolant mist control are available in several different sizes.

The Tri-Mist series of mist collectors for CNC machines incorporate mechanical impingement and multi-pass electrostatic precipitation to provide the very highest level of liquid separation available to the machining industry today.

We are available to assist you with recommendations for your specific application and requirements. We carry all necessary accessories including ductwork, mounting plates and brackets, collars and replacement parts.

We can assist you with unit sizing and mounting. These systems are an excellent investment in your health and offer tremendous value as well as years of trouble-free service.

Tri-Mist 850G2

The Tri-Mist 850G2 features 0-950 cfm impeller, double pass electrostatic precipitation cells, four inches of mechanical pre-filtration, one inch of post esp final filtration and a High Efficiency Final filter is an available optional.

Tri-Mist 1000

The Tri-Mist 1000 is a highly efficient five stage high capacity mist and smoke collector featuring triple pass ESP Cells with a total of 159 sq. ft. electrostatic collection area. Pre-filtration includes 4 inches of mesh filters for mechanical separation larger contaminates. There are numerous options available including an integrated inlet plenum/machine mount stand and final HEPA level air filtration. During the recovery phase, the collected coolant can be returned to the machine tool sump for reuse. This system is ideal for machine tool applications utilizing high pressure coolant systems operating at extreme high pressures.

Tri-Mist 1400

The Tri-Mist 1400, a 0 – 1400 cfm system, utilizes a triple bank of ESP cells, preceded by 4′ of mechanical impingement. A final 2″ mechanical filter follows the electrostatic precipitation stages. A High Efficiency Post Filtration option is also available. The TriMist 1400 is utilizes a high efficiency impeller and draws only 3 amps at 230VAC.

Micro-Cell 1250

The Micro-Cell 1250 is a multi stage media based mist collector which utilizes the Tri-Dim Micro-cell mini pleat technology. The unit has an infinitely variable motor speed controller and features a baffle impinger as the first stage, a 2″ metal impinger for the second stage and the Micro-Cell 95% High Capacity Filter for the final stage. A High Capacity High Efficiency post filter rated at 99.97%DOP is available as an additional option. Below are links to our applications/installation photo gallery as well as specification sheets.

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