Downdraft Tables and Booths

Downdraft tables and booth are highly effective in the source capture and removal of fumes and contamination generated by many different applications such as grinding, welding, sanding, and polishing. Debris and contamination and fumes are drawn down through the table grate and away from the operator’s breathing zone. Highly efficient cleanable and replaceable cartridge filters are able to trap minute particles and a reverse pulse jet of compressed air can be used to clean the cartridges in place. The debris and contamination then drops into a dust drawer for easy clean out.

ADF downdraft tables are very cost effective and available in several sizes with different options to suit your particular application. Our downdraft booths with an enclosed workspace provide for maximum containment of the debris, dust and fumes.

Numerous different options and accessories are available including:

  • Replaceable Cartridges
  • HEPA or Charcoal Filters
  • Dust drawer permitting easy cleanout.
  • Built in lighting to illuminate the work area
  • Castor/Portability Package
  • Steel or Fiberglass Table Grates
  • Available in Custom Sizes to fit your application


DDT10-24363/41700 CFM200 FPM24” X 36”
DDT20-36362 HP2240 CFM248 FPM36” X 36”
DDT20-36483 HP2930 CFM244 FPM36” X 48”
DDT20-36725 HP4425 CFM295 FPM36” X 72”
DDT20-3696(2) 3HP5875 CFM244 FPM36” X96”
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