Tri-Mist Parts

With an installed base numbering in the thousands, Tri-Mist Mist ™ Collectors are and remain one of the most efficient and cost effective solutions when dealing with oil  and water soluble coolant mist generated from a variety of operations including CNC Swiss Screw Machines, Lathes, Vertical Machining Centers, Grinders, smoke from Heat Ovens to name a few. Our goal or supplying clean air to industry in a cost effective and efficient manner is unwavering.

We remain committed to fully supporting our installed base. As a part of that support, ™Ketcham & Company, Inc. has available a wide range of replacement and repair parts for both theTri-Mist and Mistbuster ™ oil and coolant mist collectors. In addition, we supply a full line of options and accessories and upgrades including HEPA filters, inlet collars, post filters, media panels, carbon filters, mounting brackets and hardware. If you need something and don’t see it, just drop us a note or give us a call and we will assist you. Before you purchase, request a quote and see how you can save money.

Wire Mesh Impingers

806TM20121 1” thick mesh impinger
806TM20122 2” thick mesh impinger

Mesh impingers are used in the Tri-Mist Mist Collectors to trap and collect the larger oil and coolant droplets.

The different Tri-Mist 850 models utilize different configurations of the 1” and 2” mesh impingers. The Tri-Mist 850 Gen 1 uses (2) 1” impingers and (2) 2” impingers. The Tri-Mist 850-G2 uses (2) 2” impingers and (1) 1” impinger.

Impingers are washable and should be cleaned during routine maintenance

Electronic Cell

806R03-0163 Electronic Cell

Tri-Mist Electronic Cells are washable and should be cleaned and inspected during routine maintenance. (

Each cell utilizes 9 ionizer wires. During cleaning and maintenance, any broken wires should be replaced.

Test Button

806R03-0167 Test Button

The test buttons are located on the front of the mist collector. When the button is pushed you should hear the electronic cell snap.

Indicator Light

806R03-0184 Indicator Light

The indicator lights are located on the front of the mist collector. During operation, the indicator lights should be on. If an indicator light is not on, it means there may be an issue with the electronic cell or the power supply.

Door Interlock Switch

806R03-0186 Door Interlock Switch

The door interlock switch breaks contact when the door is opened. The mist collector will not operate unless the door is closed and the switch is depressed.

Speed Control Switch

806R03-0185K Speed Control Switch

Variable speed control switch for the impeller. Is supplied with the knob.

Power Supply

806R03-0164K, Tri-Mist 850-G1, 208/230VAC Power Supply
806R03-0166K, Tri-Mist 850-G1, 120VAC Power Supply
806R03-0288K, Tri-Mist 850-G2, 208/230VAC Power Supply

Impeller Kit

806R04-0161K, Tri-Mist 850-G1, 208/230VAC Impeller Kit
806R04-0160K, Tri-Mist 850-G1, 120VAC Impeller Kit
806R04-0160G2K, Tri-Mist 850-G2 120VAC Impeller Kit
806R04-0187K, Tri-Mist 850-G2, 208/230VAC Impeller Kit
806R04-0195K, Tro-Mist 1000, 208/230VAC Impeller Kit

All impellers are furnished complete with capacitor

Contact Board


The contact board is located inside the electronic cell bay and connects the cell to the power circuit. During routine maintenance clean and inspect the boards and replace as necessary.

Ionizer Wires

806R03-0198, Ionizer wires, Tungsten
806R03-0287, Ionizer wires, Stainless Steel

Ionizer wires are available in both tungsten and stainless steel. There are nine ionizer wires on each electronic cell. During routine maintenance, the wires should be cleaned and inspected. Replace any broken or damaged wires as necessary.

HEPA Post Filter

806MISTHEPANG High Efficiency Post Filter
The Tri-Mist 850 High Efficiency post filter is a high capacity high efficiency HEPA filter that fits on the top of the Tri-Mist 850 and is held in place with the mounting hardware. The 806MISTHEPANG includes the mounting hardware.
The same as the 806MISTHEPANG without the mounting hardware.

Inlet collar

6″: 806R01-0189 / 8″: 806R01-0168

 3 Ply Panel Pre Filter


Baffle Impinger


Tri-Mist 850 Carbon Filter


11" Post Filter1806TM20121806TM20121
2Electronic Cell2806R03-0163806R03-0163
32" Mist Impingers2806TM20122806TM20122
4Door Latches2806R06-0162806R06-0162
5Test Buttons2806R03-0167806R03-0167
6Indicator Lamp2806R03-0184806R03-0184
7Interlock Door Switch1806R03-0186806R03-0186
8Knob for Speed Control1806R06-0181806R06-0181
9Speed Control1806R03-0185806R03-0185
11Power Supply, Hi-Volt2806R03-0288K806R03-0312K
12Impeller Kit1806R04-0187K806R04-0160G2K
Not ShownContact Board (Red)2806R03-0165806R03-0165
Not ShownIonizer Wires9/cell806R03-0198806R03-0198
Not ShownHEPA w/Mounting Brackets1806MISTHEPANG806MISTHEPANG
Not ShownHEPA Replacement Filter Only18PFHG124E12ED12000AT8PFHG124E12ED12000AT
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