Air King Filter Wall

Product Overview

The Air King Filter Wall series units are designed to be a high quality yet cost effective solution to your “side and back-draft” air filtration needs where overhead particulate collection is impractical. These units are ideal for use near welders, machining work cells, plasma/laser or other cutting tables, or for any space where there are high concentrations of airborne nuisance particulate that you wish to reduce their release to your overall shop environment.

The AIR KING family of Filter Walls are flexible and configurable. What do we mean? Our modular design can accommodate a variety power options including the size (HP) of the motor and the number of motors/blowers per wall unit. You know the volume of air you want to move, we may be able to give you multiple options to satisfy your requirements. Our design incorporates features that make the Air King FW Series the cost effective choice in vertical wall filtration. The best feature of the Air King models is the ability to adapt to changing needs long after the installation. Versatility and Value were key factors in the design. When your needs change, our units can be changed as well. You can add modules to make the units taller or add motors and blowers to make the units move more air. The modular design is easily expanded or retracted based on your need. Our design features all-steel construction for safety and durability.

Our AIR KING units provide multi-stage filtration to provide the performance you require.

Stage 1 - is a 4" nominal aluminum mesh pre-filter used to shield the inner filters and bags from sparks and hot metal grindings as to prevent sources of ignition. These filters can be hosed off and reused many times over. In a dust or spray environment, you can replace the aluminum filters with less expensive pleated media or poly-fiber filters.

Stage 2 - is a commonly available 4" nominal pleated filter used to economically capture larger particles in the air while keeping the cost of the filter to an absolute minimum. (Stage 3 can be left empty to allow more airflow.)

Stage 3 - is a 26" long 8 pocket 65% ASHRAE bag filter which handles the largest share of the particulate filtration process. This bag filter is common and economical to replace on a regular basis. The 65% filter will "load-up" over time and slowly become 85% and eventually 95% efficient. The gradual process provides longer filter life and saves you money from a lower acquisition cost and longer time between changes. 95% filters are also available.

All the stages work together to SAVE you MONEY.

TIME TESTED: The AIR KING line of air filtration units have been manufactured by Iowa Distributing Company, Inc. for over 30 years. Our various models have been used in literally thousands of applications throughout the entire United States and Canada. We offer a three-year warranty on all our units. (Filters are not eligible)

ENGINEERED: The AIR KING units are designed using 16 Gauge cold rolled steel cabinets with proven components inside. Our products are finished with chemical and scuff resistant polyester powder coatings for long life and good looks. Each unit is a self-contained system and can be used individually or in combinations for effective management of your air quality.

SUPPORTED: The AIR KING units are sold through dealers throughout the country. Many of our dealers are the most experienced air quality specialists in your area. Some of them stock specific units, components, or filters for serving your needs in a timely manner. All dealers are supported by the factory with readily available inventory of parts and filters. pg. 1

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