Air King M-40

Product Overview


  • Welding smoke/fumes
  • Grinding dust
  • Bondo dust
  • Oil mist
  • Diesel fumes
  • Printing powder
  • Plastic dust
  • Other smoke/dust contaminants


  • Hung with chains
  • Mounted with all-thread rods
  • Installed using wall brackets

The Air King M-40 series units are the 2 & 3HP, 3-phase, multi-cabinet option of our M-30C series. These units are generally used in areas where a heavier concentration of contaminants is being generated. They are most often used in multiples for larger areas to establish positive airflow patterns that will enhance the effectiveness of the units. The T-style configuration of these units has inlets on both ends and exhausts the filtered air from the center of the unit.

The M-40 series uses disposable filters that are easy to service and provide for simple, low-cost maintenance. These units offer increased filter surface area thus decreasing the frequency of filter changes required. Units can be configured in a number of ways, both vertically and horizontally, to best suit your specific needs.

Disposable filters Cleaner, healthier environment
Self-contained Versatility to be used most anywhere
Easy installation & maintenance Cost effective
Four way louvers Airflow pattern control
16 gauge powder coated construction Durable
Filter change indicator (optional) Identifies filter change needs
Multiple filter configurations available Solutions to fit your specific needs
Easily relocated Accommodates growth or space redesign
(1 deep, 2 high)
(2 deep, 1 high)
(1 deep, 3 high)
(3 deep, 1 high)
(2 deep, 2 high)
M-40HT (2 deep, 3 high)
Dimensions 24"W x 50"T x 72"L 48"W x 26"T x 72"L 24"W x 74"T x 72"L 72"W x 26"T x 72"L 48"W x 50"T x 72"L 48"W x 74"T x 72"L
Weight 385 lbs 435 lbs 490 lbs 585 lbs 630 lbs 830 lbs
Pre-filter (Merv 8) (4) 24"x24"x4" Pleated (6) 24"x24"x4" Pleated (8) 24"x24"x4" Pleated (12) 24"x24"x4" Pleated
Primary Bag Filter
(Merv 11)
(4) 65%, 21" 8 Pocket Bags (236 ft2) (6) 65%, 21" 8 Pocket Bags (354 ft2) (8) 65%, 21" 8 Pocket Bags (472 ft2) (12) 65%, 21" 8 Pocket Bags (708 ft2)
Volume (CFM) 4000 CFM
Motor 2H P TEFC; 208-230/460/3/60; 6.0-5.8/2.9 amps
Power Wired to Junction Box
Blower 11 x 8 Belt Drive, Single Speed
Construction/Paint 16 Gauge; River Blue chemical resistant powder coating
Noise Level 5' dBA 72 dBA


  • 95% 8 Pocket Bag Filter (Mery 15)
  • Chain, Q-Links, & Eyebolts Kit
  • Strut Channel Hanging Brackets
  • Silencer with 4-way louver (reduces sound by 6-8 decibels)
  • Cast Eyebolts (set of 4, installed)
  • Pressure Gauge/Filter Change Indicator
  • Silencer w/non-directional grill (reduces sounds by 10-12 decibels)
  • Aluminum Mesh Pre-filter (Replaces Pleated)
  • Motor upgrade: 3 HP TEFCBB, 208-230/460/3/60; 8.6/4.3 amps
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