Ambient Air Filtration & Purification the Age of Covid 19

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Focus on Ambient Air Filtration in the Age of Covid 19

In the age of Covid 19 your facilities air filtration systems and the quality of the air they produce has taken on new importance. As more and more workers return to the workplace, it is time to review and if necessary upgrade your air filtration systems. A healthy facility and work environment benefits everyone. The importance of clean air is paramount.

HVAC Systems

Possible upgrades you may want to consider are:

  • Improve your central air and other HVAC filtration to MEV-13 or the highest levels of air filtration
  • Keep systems running longer if possible.
  • Add ambient air filtration units to the shop area, breakrooms and office.

For more information on filters, take a look at our Filter Selection Guide.

Factory & Shop Areas

When doing routine maintenance on any ambient air cleaners in the shop area, check the filters and tighten up on the air filtration by upgrading them to the highest level that is practical. If you have no ambient air filtration in your shop consider adding it. Improving the air quality in your shop will provide employees with a healthier work environment. Air King ambient air cleaners are typically hung from the ceiling or walls and multiple units are placed throughout the shop. With intake and exhaust grills in mind, the units are placed to set up a specific air flow pattern maximizing their effectiveness. The ideal number of units is determined by calculating the cubic feet of the shop area and and the number of air changes per hour desired. Once more people go back to work in a facility, it is inevitable that there is going to be more and more person to person contact. In the real world it is just going to happen and it is best to be prepared for it.

Air King Air Cleaners are available in a variety of sizes and configurations and many of the units can be upgraded to include Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI). Ionization. The ionizer creates a plasma field containing a high concentration of + and – negative ions which travel with the air stream attaching to particles, pathogens and gasses. The ions help agglomerate fine particles making them filterable and they kill patho- gens by robbing them of life sustaining hydrogen. Air King Ion series units can be configured with several different filter combinations providing state of the art air filtration. Additional information can be found here

Offices, Waiting Rooms & Breakrooms

Don’t neglect the air quality in other areas as well. Think about your offices, meeting rooms,, break rooms and reception areas. Sometimes we tend to overlook them. In some areas a portable unit may be most appropriate while in other ceiling or wall mounted units may work best.

Tri-Kleen 500UV

The TriKleen500UV is a portable air cleaner that combines HEPA air filtration and ultraviolet (an ultraviolet germicidal lamp) technology to provide the most effective mechanical air filtration available. The combining of these two technologies increases the effectiveness of air cleaning of pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.

The TriKleen500UV can be set up in a workspace as an ambient air cleaner or it can be ducted to supply either positive or negative air pressure in a given workspace. A closed workspace can be continuously cleaned of particles when the unit is operated in the ambient air cleaning mode making a significant improvement in the air quality of the work area. For more detailed information visit: 

Air King ION-TF-48

The Air King ION-TF48 air cleaner is designed for use anywhere that pathogens or odors are a concern. This extremely versatile unit is intended for use in small to mid-size areas such as office spaces, break rooms, waiting rooms or conference rooms. The ION-TF48 incorporates needlepoint bipolar ionization technology which utilizes an electronic charge to create a plasma field filled with + and – ions that travel with the exhausted air stream to attach to particles, pathogens gases and odors. The unit utilizes a “T-Style air flow configuration that has inlets on each end that incorporate pleated pre-filters and it exhausts the filtered air and ions from the center of the unit. The variable speed control allows for the optimum adjustment of the air flow.

Take some time and review the air filtration systems in your facility. Perhaps it is time perform routine maintenance and consider improving your air quality.

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Air Filters

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