New Product Addition: Fume Extractions

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IAP Fume Extraction Arms

We are pleased to welcome IAP and their Smoke & Fume Extraction Arms as well as their associated products to our product line.

We can now offer you a full line of Extraction Arms that can be used to safely control process fumes, dust, smoke and more. Fume Extraction Arms are used in a wide variety of applications including welding fumes, grinding dust, soldering fumes, polishing, plasma cutting, and dust and powders associated with packaging applications.

Hanging Fume Arm

Hanging Fume Arm

Models include hanging style, standing, telescopic and stainless steel with arm lengths from 3’ to 14’ and tube diameters from 3” to 8”. 

IAP Fume Arms feature unrestricted airflow, lower static pressure, smooth powder coated tubes convenient grab handle and external joints and supports. These arms are easy to move and easy to position. They are great for the source capture of dust, fumes, smoke, mist, composites powders and more.

Eliminate Mist & Smoke …… From Machine Tools

Eliminate mist and smoke with the Tri-Mist 1000 high efficiency triple pass mist and & smoke collector.

The Tri-Mist 1000 is particularly well suited to larger machine tools. Its five stage triple pass electrostatic high capacity design makes it the go to solution for difficult applications including oil and high pressure through the tool coolant applications. As an added benefit, the Tri-Mist 1000 is designed to accept a High Efficiency HEPA Post Filtration option for an even higher level of air filtration. The HEPA option provides air filtration efficiency levels of 99.97DOP @ .3microns. We have a variety of mounting options and installation packages including machine mounting, ceiling mounting and direct mounting.

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Tri-Mist 1000 Mounted on a Milltronics VM4222IL

Winter Is Closing In

With the change of seasons and the advance of winter, we all want to tighten up our facilities to save on heating fuel. This means closed windows and doors reducing outdoor air circulation and fresh make up air. This can lead to increased air contamination and a deterioration in air quality. It is a time when people realize they have air quality issues that should be dealt with.

We off a complete line of ambient air filtration systems in all sizes and configurations to handle a wide variety of applications and installs. Products include hanging ambient units, welding robot hoods, filter walls and multi cabinet units offering increased filter capacity. We have a wide variety of filter options available including MERV 8, 11 or 15 bag filters, HEPA filters, charcoal and /or gas phase after fil- ters and needlepoint bipolar ionizers to help with odor issues, virus/pathogen mitigation and overall particle agglomeration to make all of your air filters more effective for a healthier working environment. Take some time to evaluate your facility air quality to be it is at its optimum. Clean shop air can improve productivity and the health of employees.

Model M25D

Model M30C

Air King Filter Wall

Air Filter Upgrades and Replacements

Whether you are upgrading you air filtration or just looking for replacement air filters we have a complete array of replacement filters including pleated pre- filters, bag filter, cubes, mini-pleats, HEPA’s and more.

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