Eliminate Mist & Smoke
With The Tri-Mist 850 G2 Mist Collector

The Tri-Mist 850-G2 is a four stage Double pass High Efficiency Mist & Smoke Collector that is designed for use with all metal working fluids. The Tri-Mist850-G2 mist collector incorporates mechanical impingement and multi-pass electrostatic precipitation to provide the very highest level of liquid separation available to the machining industry today. Complete with a variable speed control for the impeller, these units are virtually vibration free and feature low energy consumption. All electronics are in a sealed enclosure. All Tri-Mist Mist Collectors come with a 4 year warranty. An optional 5th stage High Efficiency filter delivers filtration efficiency levels of 99.97@ .3micron. Numerous options and accessories are available.


Dimensions: 26″W x 13.88″D x 21.38″H
Inlet Opening:16.5″L x 9.12″W
Cabinet: 16Ga. Welded Steel
Airflow: 50-950 cfm-Adjustable
Weight: 90lbs. Installed
Power Supplies: Dual Voltage,
Self Regulating
Impeller: Vibration Free, Backward Curve
Electrical: 115VAC or 208/230 VAC, 1ph

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Nine Important Considerations When Selecting A Mist Collector

    • Which technology is best for my application–media, electrostatic or centrifugal?
    • What what are the ongoing maintenance costs?
    • What is the correct amount of airflow for my machine tool?
    • High RPM spindle speeds and aggressive machining creates very fine atomized mist and smoke. What is the system efficiency?
    • How long will the filters last? How often do I have to replace them? What do they cost?
    • Can the metal working fluid be recycled effectively?
    • Will this mist collector transmit vibration to my machine tool and cause me to be unable to maintain tolerances?
    • Warranty – Service – Support-Parts-What is it? What is the availability of service, support & spare parts?
    • What if I’m not satisfied with the performance?

    The Tri-Mist850-G2 Mist and Smoke Collector has no filters that require replacement. The 5″ of stainless steel wire impingers and electrostatic precipitator cells are washable. Some of the available accessories include a source capture plenum with built in machine mount stand, a floor stand, flex duct, ceiling mount kit, and High Efficiency Final Filter Option that filters the final return air to a level of 99.97% @ .3 micron. High Efficiency Tri-Mist Mist Collectors are made in the U.S.A. Other sizes and models area available. Call to discuss your application.

    Additional Features & Benefits

    Four Stages of Air Filtration
    High efficiency is achieved using 4 stages of air filtration including 5 inches of mechanical impingement and dual electrostatic precipitator cells which provide a total of 106 sq. ft. of filtration surface area. A 5th optional HEPAMAX filter rated at 99.97%DOP @.3microns is also available.

    Economical Operation
    The Tri-Mist850-G2 is energy efficient; operates on less than 450watts and does not require any replacement filters. There is no ongoing filter expense.

    Variable Speed Airflow Control
    The ability to control the airflow on a mist collector is very important. It allow you to match the airflow requirement with the specific machine tool. Excessive air flow tends to waste coolant and clog filters.

    The Best Warranty
    The Tri-Mist850-G2 has the longest warranty of any mist collector in its class with a 48 month limited warranty. Better Built and Better Backed!


    American Owned And Operated

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